3 JANUARY, 2017
Ark Imaging's latest sports portfolio work updated | Ark Imaging 运动作品集更新
1 JANUARY, 2017
Ark Imaging 主管讲述从创意群总监到后期修图师的历程 | Head of Ark Imaging explains unusual career trajectory from GCD to retouching artist
15 DECEMBER, 2016
Ark Imaging's latest beauty portfolio work updated | Ark Imaging 最新美容作品集
15 NOVEMBER, 2016
Ark Imaging's latest celebrity portfolio work updated | Ark Imaging 艺人作品集更新
15 OCTOBER, 2016
Ark Imaging's latest food and beverage portfolio work updated | Ark Imaging 最新饮食作品集
14 JULY, 2016
ARK Gallery's collaborate with C14 Gallery to present Wu Shunan's solo exhibition Respiration at studioark
7 JULY, 2016
Ark Imaging's latest automotive portfolio work updated | Ark Imaging 更新车类作品集
1 JULY, 2016
Our staff are now PhaseOne Certified Professionals!!!
StudioArk is the largest studio and equipment rental hub within Shanghai city center. Equipped with the latest offerings and supported by a full-time international (bilingual) crew, it’s the studio of choice for many celebrities and high-end clients. Together with Ark Imaging, our in-house Retouching & CGI arm, we stand ready to support every shoot on-site to meet and deliver the highest demands for every project.

StudioArk 是上海市中心以内最大的摄影棚及器材租赁公司。 我们团队更具备了全职的双语工作人员,这也成为了许多明星及高级客户们的首选摄影棚的原因之一。Ark图像制作部门,包含了修图及三维后期制作,我们时刻准备接收和传递最高素质予您的每一个案子。

3rd floor, east block 1, 1029 Zhongshan South Road Huangpu Shanghai 200011, China.
上海黄浦区中山南路 1029 号 1 号楼 3 楼 上海: 200011